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Board of Directors

President: Scott Gleason

Vice President: Sharon Wroblewski

Treasurer: Kathy Bergeron

Secretary: Kristen Miller

Members: Charles Corson, Victoria Laracy, Lichen Rancourt, Linda Walker and Donna Dunn

Ex Officio Member for 1 Year Term - Past President: Neill Osgood

We currently have board vacancies. If interested, please contact the Nomination Committee Chair, Kathy Bergeron.

President Scott Gleason

Scott graduated from Kennett High School in 1971 and New Hampshire Technical Institute in 1974 with an Engineering degree. He has worked in the high tech world of computers, networking, sales, technical education and business management until returning to live full time in North Conway in 2015. Over the years he was not far from North Conway returning on weekends with Barbara, his wife & son Shawn to work Ski Patrol at Cranmore Mt. Resort and enjoy summer activities in the valley. His grandmother, Florence Stirling Gleason was a North Conway Librarian in the early 1960’s as was his mother, Carrie Lowd Gleason in 1977 who retired from the North Conway Library after 24 years in October 2001.

Scott Gleason.jpg

Vice President Sharon Wroblewski

Sharon Wroblewski grew up in Warwick, RI. She graduated from UCONN in 1972 with a BS from the School of Physical Therapy. While practicing PT, Sharon and her husband,Ted, along with their 9 month old daughter left Long Island, NY and purchased the Bernerhof Inn in 1977, knowing the MWV was where they wanted to raise their family. This was the first of many entrepreneur projects they pursued as their family grew to four children. She continued to practice PT in 1980’s and helped start Children Unlimited.  Now her children are all grown, and live all over the country.  Fortunately one family is here and her attention is on her many grandchildren. Family first!  
Sharon values the sense of community that she has here in the Valley. Ted and she co-chaired the Capital Campaign Committee for the first phase of MWVTA Rec Path. Sharon enjoys nature and the outdoors to include biking, walking, gardening and snowshoeing all from her backyard!

She has many interests including knitting, reading and sewing, but cooking remains high on her list. Sharon and Ted have always enjoyed the adventures of travel and continue todo so, but always enjoy coming home.A long time patron and supporter of the library, late in 2020 Sharon joined the Pope Memorial Public Library as the Chair of the Capital Campaign and late in 2021 she joined the board.

Treasurer Kathleen Bergeron 

Kathy and her family have lived in North Conway for many years. One of the first places they visited was the North Conway Library. Kathy started volunteering at the library when her girls were young. As time went on, she became a board member holding different offices including treasurer and president. After a hiatus she returned to the board in 2021 as the current treasurer. Her background in finance and human resources have helped the library grow and transition from a small library to the wonderful institution it is today. Her other interests and community activities include the Materials Girls Quilting Group, Mountain Garden Club and Our Lady of the Mountain Finance Committee.

Kathy Photo.jpg

Secretary Dr. Kristen Miller

Dr. Kristen Miller serves as the Vice President of Academic Affairs at White Mountains Community College. She has proudly served the college for over 9 years and has been active in the field of education for more than 13 years. Her passion in education is acknowledging that not all learning has to be accomplished behind brick and mortar. In 2008, Kristen earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and English from Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California. Her first role in education was as a high school English Teacher at Kennett High School in her hometown of North Conway, New Hampshire. Kristen earned her Master of Education in Educational Leadership from University of New England in 2016 and her Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Higher Education Administration from Capella University in 2020. Kristen lives in North Conway, New Hampshire with her husband Joey, daughter Elyse, and their Bernese

Kristen Miller.jpg

Mountain Dog, Kastle. In her spare time, she enjoys being anywhere outdoors.  When she isn't outdoors, she is actively seeking old pieces of furniture to refinish, a hobby she learned from and enjoys doing with her father. Furniture restoration complements her avid reading of historical fiction, though her favorite past time is doing anything that involves hanging out with her super sassy nine-year-old daughter.

Member Charles Corson

Charles Corson was introduced to the White Mountains by his family in the 60’s.  Falling in love with the area, he has hiked and skied here ever since.  He finally moved to Mount Washington Valley full-time in 2020, where his two boys and their children visit as often as possible.  A love of learning in general, and libraries in particular, has fostered a lifelong appreciation of education.     A Fine Arts graduate of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Charles has been involved in restaurant management and ownership on both coasts with some brief stops in the interior.             A lifelong love of rapid movement led him into the automotive space where he wore many hats - all of them white - as a dealer principal, regional banking officer and leasing company executive.  Recognizing that the Internet would revolutionize the automotive business, Charles helped develop and market

ccc skiing .jpg

technologies that have been incorporated by Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader among others.  Currently he is involved with a mobile texting and video platform for the transportation industry.  Charles has been a long-time volunteer and contributor to The Perkins School for the Blind, JDRF and The Newton Free Library.  Locally, he is a contributor to Tin Mountain Conservation Center, USVLT and the Mount Washington Observatory.  He serves as a board member for the Goodrich Falls Property Owners Association and the Bank of America Small Business Advisory Board.

Osgood 11.04.22 (1).jpg

Ex Officio Member Neill Osgood

Having been a patron of the Library since Primary school, Neill is proud to hold Life Membership card #91. The library was an integral part of life in the Osgood home. A particularly fond childhood memory he shares with his brother Charlie was the family tradition that every Friday afternoon was the “Library & Laundry” trip to town. Their parents, Charles and Patricia, would take turns, one would stay at the Seavey St. Laundromat putting through the week’s wash (book in hand of course) while the other would walk several blocks with the brothers to the NCPL to choose their books for the week to come!

Over the last 20 years Neill has enjoyed volunteering and serving on the Boards of a variety of non-profits, including 12 years as a Trustee for his alma mater The White Mountain School in Bethlehem NH.

After graduating from White Mountain he went on to earn a B.A. in psychology from Plymouth State University. Serving on the Library Board is particularly meaningful to Neill as he’s following in his Father’s footsteps; Charles served for 24 years on the NCPL Board of Directors and Committee of Donated Funds.

Member Linda Walker

Linda moved to North Conway with her husband David (Doc) Walker in 1968 and has three adult children and five grandchildren.  Linda is still selling real estate after 42 years and taught in the local school system for 32 but has retired from teaching.  Linda is active in the White Mt Board of Realtors, in Arts Jubilee, in Mt Top Music and the Mt. Washington Valley Band.  Linda heads up Christmas Stocking Project whose goal is to get sponsors for 40-50 local children to assure them a happy Christmas.  She participates in two book clubs as reading is great interest.  Linda is enjoying being on the board of the Pope Memorial Library along with the other wonderful, dedicated members.

Linda Walker.jpg
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