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Library Staff


Executive Director: Angela Callahan

Director of Grants: Shawn Bromley

Director of Engagement: Brooke Peterson

Library Assistants: Susanne Cullinan, Melissa Linne, Brian Moore, Andrea Murphy, and Brianna Rodrigue.

Property Manager: Michael Regn

RSVP Volunteers: Michael Brink, Kyla Brustin, Bobbi Bunker, Mary Anne Carver-Taylor, George Coolidge, Anne Dunne, Nancy Ekse, Marsha Foye, Anne Henriksen, Brenda Killourie, Katie Laracy, Martha Leich, Roxanne Major, Liz Murphy, Laurel Pulsifer, Lily Robles, Mary Tabeling, Sally Treadwell and Jane Waldie. 



Angela Callahan lives in North Conway with her husband and Clarence.  She has a Bachelor's from Northeastern University. She is an avid reader and can't imagine a better way to spend a work day than in this beautiful building surrounded by books and other readers.  She is so excited to be working at the Pope Memorial Library!


In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, walking with Clarence, breathing in the great outdoors while swinging in the hammock, and of course, reading!

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