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Thank you to all who are donating to the
Operating Funds
of the Pope Memorial Library in 2024!

Benjamin Champney - $1,000+

Kathy and Ed Bergeron

Joan Brouillard

Mark and Sheryl Bunker

Steve Duprey

Susan Fox

Gulleron Foundation

   in honor of Kathy Bergeron

Brenda and Martin Killourie

Judy and Doug Lamb

Neill Osgood

Prudence and Richard Plusch

Glenn and Sonni Sauders

Ned and Karin Waltz

  in memory of Dr. Miles and Louise Waltz

White Mountain Puzzles

Ted and Sharon Wroblewski


Harvey Gibson - $500+

Donna Dunn

Charles and Margaret Felton

Kathleen and Dr.Jim Frenette

James and Sarah Gibson

Jim Gracie

Jeff and Sally Graves

   in memory of Marty Whitney

Bob & Barbara Magoun

Cheryle O'Neill and George Coolidge

Elizabeth Seabury

Karen and James Umberger

Linda Walker

Emily Schouler - $101+

North Conway 5 and 10 Store

Lisa Baughn

Dick and Pat Brunelle

Christie Cannell

   in memory of John Cannell

Country Cabinets

Angela and Michael Callahan

Robert and Margaret Cordy

Peter Crane

Tom & Penny Deans

Elaine and Dick DeFronzo

Peggy Donabedian

Stephen and Catherine Dowling

Courtney Ferrara

Arlene Fleming

Susan Fortier

Donna and Michael Gillen

Scott and Barbara Gleason

   in memory of Carrie Gleason

Shawn Gleason

Ellie Gordon

Linda Gray

David Harkess

Walter and Amalia Haydock

   in honor of Adelaide Haydock

Marianne Jackson

Paula and Randy Jones

Deborah Karmozyn

Irma and Talbert Lauter

Jeff and Martha Leich

Pamela Lewis

Myrna Lloyd

Susan Logan

Gary and Karen MacDonald

Jane MacDonald and Katie Creedon

Muriel and Peter Magg

Andrea Masters and Elaine Stockbridge

   in honor of Nic Masters

Jean Melczarek

Cheryl and John Pace

Peter and Sharon Pietz

Anne Pillion and Hadley Champlin

Jadwiga Rosenthal

Ankie and Gary Rustad

Lee Schuh

Scott and Catherine Steesy

Sandra and Robert Taylor

Linda Terry

Bradley and Mary Thayer

Lynne Walker

John and Ann Wilcox

Centennial Member - $100

Jordan and Ben Becker

Waltraud Bihn

Noreen and John Brennan

Bobbi Bunker

Pam and Wayne Bunker

  in honor of Bobbi Bunker

Kevin Callahan

Mary Anne Carver-Taylor

Mary Castonguay

Cheryl Christian

   in honor of my former classroom and theatre     students

Stefanie Conahan

Frank and Margaret Connolly

Gail Costello

Juanita Costello

Janice Crawford

Curtis and Cindi Detzer

Barbara Douglass

Sharyn Ekbergh

Fast Taxi

Susan Fortier

  in memory of Irene Fortier

James Hastings

Dulcie Heiman

Dan and Judy Kennedy

Richard N "Dick" Leavitt

Myrna Lloyd

   in memory of Nan White

Marilyn Lutzer

Dave and Jeanne Mason

Frank Murphy

Glady and Scott Olson

Philip and Ann Ostroski

Michael O'Sullivan

Margaret Papini

Sharon and Pete Pietz

Linda and William Prushinski

Eileen and Joe Redmond

Terri and John Rice

Lily Robles and Michael Brink

Kevin Ryan

Sheila Scott

Virginia and Larry Shobe

Carol Westervelt

John and Ann Wilcox

Steve and Sandra Wolner

Passaconaway - $25+

Arlene Baldino

Gretchen Bradley

Lucien and Patricia Brassard

Arlene Broughton

Judy and Joe Burgess

Barbara Campbell

John and Kristen Carey

Bill and Cricket Catalucci

Anne and Robert Connoni

Cormack Construction

Danielle Dion

Kathleen Donovan

Jo-Ann Driscoll

Kevin Early

Sarah Eastman

Gay Folland

Karen Franke

George Fredette

Betsy Gemmecke

Drew and Jennifer Gentile

Diane Gilmore

Bob and Kit Griffin

Jamie and Robert Havely

Dulcie Heiman

   in memory of Rich Osada

Helen and Sparky Hurgin

Passaconaway $25+

Linda and Reno Jandreau

Denise and Walter Jaronski

Vickie and Rick Jenkinson

Bernadine Jesseman

Patricia Kelly

James and Elizabeth Kench

Brenda Killourie

   in memory of Martha Pedersen

Sheryl and John Kovalik

Joan and Sandy Kurtz

Suzie Laskin

Susan Lathrop

Janet Lavoie

Regina LeBlanc

Rich and Andrea Leonard

Vicki and John MacDougall

Roxanne Major

Donna McCluskey

   in honor of Sharon Wroblewski

Muriel Mitchell

Richard and Dolly Mullowney

Victoria and George Murphy

Bob Muzerall

   in memory of Bee Muzerall

Christopher Negrotti

Ann O'Leary

Charles and Gail Olsen

   in memory of Connie Davis Watson

David Olson

   in memory of Jonathan Olson

Gail Paine

Joe and Pat Peterson

Anne Peterson

Carole and Dave Pierce

Coleen Popivchak

Dana and Christine Russian

Kathryn Shea

Irina Shirinsky

Virginia Shobe

   in memory of Sister Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

Barbara Slader

Janet Sweeney

Mary and Bradley Thayer

   in memory of Bee Muzerall

Kathleen Tullos and Mark Morris

Dana Turski and Kenneth Reville

Valley Resale

Marie and WE Walsh

Lainie Warzycha

   in memory of Joe Warzycha

Stephen and Maureen Wilson

Renee Zimmerman

Dr. Seuss - Up to $24

David and Cynthia Alden

Jake and Marianna Crabbs

Beverly Harrison

Suzanne Jones

Francine Lampidis

   in memory of Bee Muzerall

Tara Murray

Julia Penzina

Joseph and Judy Perez

Ryan Shepard

Nancy Travers

Marie Walsh

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